Let EpisodeManager.com manage the people and the process of making a great podcast.

 Once you launch a podcast, you need a system to help you plan, manage notes, guide recordings, interviews, maintain team workflow, help your editors as well as your promotional folks.


EpisodeManager.com is the only podcaster platform built specifically to help the newbie podcaster, the intermediate podcaster and the advanced podcaster.


No matter where you are in your podcaster journey, EpisodeManager.com can help you manage things from Pre-Calls to your guest interviews to the back-office productions and promotions by you and your team.


Proudly built with by podcasters for podcasters.



Many new podcasters find keeping up with guest outreach, pre-calls, episode notes, commercials and sponsor content, calls to action for guests and more, a bit time consuming. Add to that all the steps after the recording to make a great episode and promote it out there and you can see why it can be difficult. That’s where EpsiodeManager.com comes in. It was built by podcasters for podcasters to streamline all those tasks into a simple to use online platform to keep track of it all and leave the fun stuff to you.


Let EpisodeManager.com do the heavy-lifting and free you up to do the really cool stuff, like interviewing awesome guests and passing on your expertise to the world.