About Us


Everyone that has built knowledge in a subject can launch a podcast. In fact, many do. They don’t have any guidance or even know all the questions to ask. That is why we built EpisodeManager.com to help every podcaster build their podcast into a great podcast and let the whole world hear them. The idea came after a hundred or so episodes in, we learned all these things the hard way. How do you do a pre-call properly? What questions should I ask? How do you come out of the guests Bio and start right in? How can I talk and read my notes about the episode at once? I have to remember these 9 things, but how? How can I write down notes as I am recording to give to my editor all the instructions? Will my editor figure out some great quotes for audiograms or snippets? What can we post for content in social media that will get people to click, listen and subscribe?